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Oiweek X Award

Get to know the most engaged Open Corps at Oiweek X! From over 700 large corporations connected around the world, these were the ones working hard to co-create impactfull solutions with startups and techs!


2nd Dow

3rd Philip Morris Brasil

4th Citrosuco

5th RV Ímola

6th MATERA Systems

7th Braskem

8th Accenture

9th Koerich

10th Cemig

ISA CTEEP - 2018 winner

From over 4,500 startups registered, these were the highlights selected by Corporates during the Speed-Dating 100 Open Startups at Oiweek X! Congratulations!

1st Viewy

2nd Aquarela Analytics

3rd Beenoculus

4th Opinion Box

5th GoEpik

6th BLU365/Kitado

7th Eruga

8th Pix Force

9th Vex Tecnologia

10th QualityStorm

Viewy - 2018 winner

Scientists and Corporates meet and that's a match! Take a look at the Open Techs highlighted by executives during the Oiweek X!

1st BLAST - Brazilian Laboratory on Silencing Technologies



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